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Checklist for AUC applications
Posted 13/12/2015 14:37


We have met with the Director of Admissions at AUC and have made a plan for the AIS student applications. We ask that you follow this plan, as it what has been approved by AUC.

Please apply ONLINE by January 5. You will then get an ID number emailed to you. This is a very important number, so please keep track of it.

Students have received the AUC checklist of the documents that are required to have a complete application. These documents must be turned into the AIS Counseling Office by JANUARY 10th! Please do no take any documents to AUC, as they prefer that the documents all come together in one envelope. We will then send the first semester transcript later, once they are available in February.

Please make sure that all SAT scores are sent to AUC directly from Collegeboard. This is the only way they will be considered for admissions! Send ALL scores, as AUC will super score it. Send your TOEFL scores from TOEFL and you will have to give AIS an official copy (not a photocopy) of your IELTS score to put in your application packet. Please note that AUC will NOT accept the new SAT (starting in May) for students from the Class of 2016.

On the checklist, AIS will be responsible for the AIS transcript, IB predicted scores, the teacher recommendation letters, and the letter of enrollment ONLY for your time at AIS. All other required documents are your responsibility to turn into AIS. The medical form can be obtained from the AIS clinic. Just tell them that you need the medical certificate for AUC.

Again, this is the agreement we have with AUC and we expect all AIS students to honor it. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Should you have any questions, please let me know.


Melissa Sheaffer

HS Counselor

9th-12th Surnames A-G

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