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Life and Work at AIS - Main Campus

AIS boasts the largest community of American and native-English speaking faculty in Egypt; but more importantly, we strive to be a diverse community of world-class educators. Our community values belonging, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (B-JEDI) and began work last year to apply these values to how AIS serves every department and every student.

Our goal for each faculty member is that AIS and Egypt have an enduring and positive impact on their lives and careers.  

Lydia Kheir, Primary School Counselor in her 5th year at AIS, attests that "AIS has helped me to grow so much as an educator as I have learned from many seasoned teachers and administrators.  I began my Masters in School Counseling while teaching at AIS, and it was counselors at AIS that mentored me during my practicum.

In addition to these professional experiences, I have developed life-long friendships with staff members here and have also grown to care so much for our students and the cultures they represent."  

Immediate Openings

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At AIS Egypt, we strive to employ the most highly qualified professionals and specialized teaching staff to deliver a superior American based curriculum.

If you believe that you have the qualities we require and would enjoy the experience of living and working in Egypt, then please apply online.

Please note although we appreciate your application, only those teachers that we feel fulfill our requirements will be contacted in return to discuss an interview.

The Application Process

Foreign hires with an interest in working at AIS Egypt should complete the online application form below.

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To learn more about a teachers perspective of AISE Main, meet one of our teachers.

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