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Comprising the last four years of a student's learning journey, the high school provides a wide variety of courses that will challenge and inspire all students to be the best they can be. Teachers from all around the globe are found in the high school, with  years of experience in leading learning with young adults, building high school learners to be communicators, problem solvers, and citizens who make the world a better place.

The high school offers students a choice of the American Diploma program, the International Baccalaureate Diploma program or a combination of the two as they work towards graduation. Regardless of which program students choose to study, AISE graduates are accepted into the most competitive universities all over the world. The high school at AISE is a place where students come to learn and grow to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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2021-22 High School Profile

Learn more about high school curriculum and course offerings for American Diploma students and IB Diploma Programme students.  

High School Handbook

This handbook is AISE's policy manual for the 2020-2021 school year. Parents and students should be aware of its contents. When students understand expectations, they are more likely to succeed, and we want all of our students to succeed.


Bruce Knox, Head of Secondary and High School Principal

Bruce Knox, Head of Secondary and High School Principal

Welcome to High School!

It is my pleasure to welcome you and to give you a taste of what the high school at AISE will be able to offer you and/or your son or daughter. The AIS Vision that “AIS students make the world a better place” is a driving force behind our focus on making assessments in the high school as authentic as possible. Our students create real products to solve real problems for real audiences. We also believe that it is important for students to be balanced in what they study (academics, creativity and physical activity) and offer a wide range of courses and experiences to facilitate this. 

We love what we do at AIS and look forward to welcoming you and/or your son/daughter into the high school.

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