High School Counseling

AIS High school counselors play a pivotal role in guiding students through the complexities of university preparation and fostering social-emotional well-being. 

With a blend of expertise in academic planning and empathy-driven support, they assist students in navigating the intricate pathways toward higher education.

From advising on course selections, academic pathways, and college applications to providing a safe space for emotional exploration and growth, AIS high school counselors serve as advocates for both academic success and personal development.

Through individual counseling sessions, group workshops, and consistent communication with institutions and families, they empower students to take ownership of their future, overcome challenges, and thrive both academically and emotionally on their journey toward higher education and beyond. 

AIS Annual University Fair

The Cairo School Counselor Network (CSCN) University Fairs represent the largest counselor-led fair initiative in Africa. It is a result of the collaborative efforts of counselors from top international schools throughout Cairo. Since 2017, this week-long event has brought together over 100 university representatives from the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Egypt, and Asia. The initiative provides an excellent opportunity for universities to engage with a broad range of students and vice versa.

The event takes place during the Fall semester in October, with university registration occurring in the preceding Spring semester. The event's primary objective is to facilitate interaction between students and university representatives, promoting a mutually beneficial relationship. With their diverse range of participants, the CSCN University Fairs represent an excellent platform for students to explore their academic interests and engage with top-tier universities from around the world.

The CSCN University Fairs initiative is a highly regarded event that has proven its worth since its inception in 2017. The initiative's success can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of counselors and university representatives, making it an event that is highly anticipated each year. Any universities interested in participating in this event should contact

University Fair 2023

Over 120 universities. Students and parents had valuable discussions on recruitment, fees, and scholarships.