The Model United Nations program at AIS Egypt was established in 1991 with the founding of the school. Since its inception it has grown to be the largest student organization at AIS Egypt and one of the most respected MUN programs in the Middle East.

Each year our team participates in conferences in Cairo, Jordan, Beijing, and the prestigious THIMUN conference in the Netherlands. Our delegates have established a reputation for thorough research and preparation and professional diplomatic skill. Each MUN season culminates in AISMUN, which we organize and host here in Cairo. This event attracts 400 to 500 participants every year from dozens of schools and countries around the world. In recent years our conference has offered 9 different committees and, and one quarter of the High School student body at AIS participates in AISMUN in some capacity and it is a defining event in the life of the entire school community.

The MUN program at AIS Egypt owes much of its success to tireless and professional student leaders who recruit and train new delegates, organize fundraising efforts, help students prepare for conferences, organize AISMUN and contribute in a myriad of other ways to the success of the team.

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