Middle School

Middle School at AISE means #morethanme

Welcome to the AISE Middle School! The Middle School family extends a warm welcome to our dear students, teachers, parents, and staff members. In the Middle School, we are dedicated to our school’s mission of providing a challenging American and international education that fosters informed local, regional and global citizens. Our teachers and staff members focus on skills that will ensure our students are lifelong learners who contribute positively in an increasingly diverse and changing world. This academic year 2019-2020, we have adopted the theme of “More Than Me.” Through this yearlong theme, we hope to cultivate a culture of putting others first and living out our mission statement within and outside our building walls.

The Middle school family strives to ensure our students are 21st century ready, by providing a safe environment and ample opportunities that allow our children to discover their passions and follow their dreams. We provide our students with opportunities for collaborative and problem solving through blended learning classes, field trips as well as a new program Connect 15. We rely on current education research to continue to learn about how to best help our students grow into emotionally, socially, and academically intelligent young adults. We are looking forward to a wonderful year, full of learning, friendships and enriching experiences for our astonishing students!

Caleb Hatfield

Middle School Principal

Kimnada Bobb, Middle School Principal

Kimnada Bobb, Middle School Principal

Middle School Handbook

This handbook is AISE's Middle School policy manual for the 2019-2020 school year. Parents and students should be aware of its contents. When students understand expectations, they are more likely to succeed, and we want all of our students to succeed.


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