New Student Orientation Day - Welcome to Middle School!

When we think of middle school, the word change comes about: environmental, physical, emotional, intellectual, and social. 
These changes are key to the development of the middle schooler.
The most obvious change is the transition from primary, which brings on a level of responsibility and maturity for adaptation to a new learning environment.

The first sign of physical change usually occurs during the summer months. The student arrives for the middle school experience with a taller appearance. The emotional, intellectual, and social changes surface as well, giving a clear sign that primary is long gone.

During the middle school years, conflicts, contradictions, curiosity, relational upsets, short-term friendships, and a desire for peer acceptance are viewed as normal. This is the time for inquiries and lessons are learned, and self-concepts are formed. Yet, even with such growth, the middle schooler craves guidance and structure from the home and school.

Heatherlynn Lyttle