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Talent transcends walls and borders.  Shouldn't learning? 

Our American accredited program uses cutting-edge AI technology, paired with 1:1 mentorship and a globally connected campus, to lead your child to accelerated success. Learning anywhere. It's the future.

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  • The Academy program is a year-long commitment.

  • At the end of each academic year, students may choose to re-enroll in The Academy or to attend one of our physical campuses.

  • The Academy students are AISE students and are bound by AISE expectations.

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Talent transcends walls and borders.  Shouldn't learning? 

The Academy @AISE provides a predominantly self-paced curriculum for students in grades 7-12 registered at AISE. The Academy’s curriculum is facilitated by AISE teachers and punctuated with once per month Authentic Learning Opportunities and Assessments (ALO’s). The innovative and engaging courses are aligned to meet AISE graduation requirements and Academy students will earn credits towards graduation from AISE for high school courses in good standing. There are opportunities for students to earn advanced university credit from Arizona State University (ASU) for some courses as well and these are facilitated by ASU professors. Students will be supported by AISE teachers while engaging in their courses. The program will be personalized in terms of course choice and there will be a few courses (such as Arabic) that will be offered as direct instruction from our teachers.

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