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Our mission is to ‘change the exchange’ away from a traditional, top-down model of education where learning flows from teachers down to students. AISE Admissions is driven to curate a student body that is like a constellation of stars.  Like a constellation where every star has energy that touches the stars around it, AISE strives to create spaces where students can innovate, collaborate and share their passions, talents, interests and their light with each other.

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Egyptian Ministry of Education Information

AISE is an American International school under the regulation of the Egyptian Ministry of Education; and therefore, obligated to enforce Ministry mandates.  Please read below to learn more about the age and Arabic exemption requirements and if they apply to your family's application.

Online Q&A

AIS Admissions team hosts an Online Q&A every Thursday from 09:00 - 10:00 (Cairo Time).  All families who are interested in learning more about AIS and the admissions process are invited to attend this open meeting.

Tour Experience

Starting in January, AIS will be offering an interactive Tour Experience that showcases what it's like to actually be a student at AIS.  Please check back in January to book the 2023/24 Tour Experience.

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Our team has created new video guides for both first-time applicant families and current AIS families who are applying for a new child.

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Your Admissions Team

Lobna Saeed, All-School Registrar

Lobna Saeed, All-School Registrar


Nadia Aboelata, Admissions Coordinator

Nadia Aboelata, Admissions Coordinator


Hedy Waly, Manager of Community & Diversity Development and Admissions Testing

Hedy Waly, Manager of Community & Diversity Development and Admissions Testing

Cari Freer Director of Admissions and Advancement

Cari Freer, Director of Admissions and Advancement

AISE Admissions Process

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