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At AIS Egypt, we believe that curriculum must be based on a current, clearly articulated progression of Standards of Learning. These Standards and corresponding Benchmarks must be sequential and dynamic to meet the needs of our unique students.

To that end, at AIS Egypt we use the National Standards as our reference, with specific standards of learning chosen from the state of Virginia. We believe that in doing so, we are able to meet the values and mission of AIS Egypt and provide quality learning and success for our students in the 21st century.

At AIS Egypt, we are dedicated to using exemplary educational practices to provide students with a strong academic foundation. Our goal in designing our curriculum is also to address the affective domain. We wish to provide opportunities for students in their studies to utilize problem-solving, inquiry, discovery and self-direction as well as creative and critical thinking.

To ensure alignment and current pedagogy, we utilize a school-wide curriculum review process whereby we review Standards and Benchmarks and match those with quality textbooks and learning resources.

All students are expected to carry a full program of studies. High School Courses include English, Mathematics, Arabic, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Technology, French and Performing and Visual Arts.

Curriculum Standards

Our curriculum standards are defined by :

essential understandings
essential knowledge
essential skills
essential processes

The High School believes it is essential for students to see connections and relationships alongside the acquisition of important basic skills. Goals include teaching students to critically think and make connections. The aim is for its students to become confident performers, presenters and public speakers and work co-operatively and collaboratively. Students are taught to acknowledge their peers' points of view and respond in an open minded manner.

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty means being truthful about your school work. Academic honesty means you do not:

  • Copy another person's work, ideas or words
  • Share information about a test
  • Cheat on tests and quizzes
  • Break exam protocol
  • Copy homework
  • Take credit for work you did not do

Violation of the above policy will result in receiving no credit for the assignment/test and will be treated as an honor violation (please see honor code policy).

Grading Policy

The school year is divided into two semesters. Each semester consists of approximately 18 instructional weeks. Each semester is further divided into two nine-week grading terms. At the close of each nine week term, students receive a report card. The term “report card" indicates the grades earned in each class. Absences and tardies are recorded on the report card.

A semester report card is issued at the end of 18 weeks. For high school students in grades 9-12, the term grades, final test scores, and the semester grades are reported for each class. The semester grade determines whether a student earns credit for a class in the high school.

A grade check is also conducted approximately halfway through each term. If a student is receiving a “D" or “F" in any class, he/she will receive a progress report and will be required to share this information with his/her parents.

Teachers will maintain up to date on-line grading information on Engrade. Parents are advised to keep track of their child's academic performance.

Students who are enrolled in the American diploma, Honors or IB curricula are issued grades that are calculated using percentages and then converted to letter grades based on the following scales:

IB Diploma Quality Points Quality Points American Diploma
& Honors

98-100 4 98-100 A+ 4

88-97 4 93-97 A 4

85-87 4 90-92 A- 4

82-84 3 88-89 B+ 3

78-81 3 83-87 B 3

75-77 3 80-82 B- 3

72-74 2 78-79 C+ 2

68-71 2 73-77 C 2

65-67 2 70-72 C- 2

62-64 1 68-69 D+ 1

58-61 1 63-67 D 1

55-57 1 60-62 D- 1

Below 55 0 Below 60 F 0

Withdrew Pass WP 0 Withdrew Pass WP 0

Withdrew Fail WF 0 Withdrew Fail WF 0

Incomplete term/semester grades must be made up within 2 weeks of the issuance of the term/semester report or the incomplete will become an F.

Only course work that is completed at AISE is used to determine a student's grade-point average (GPA). Credits that are transferred receive a “P" grade on the transcript and are not used to figure the GPA unless a student transfers from an AISE approved school.

A student who enters school after a semester has started and who has not been in attendance in another school, will be required to meet specific academic requirements in order to receive credit. At the time of enrollment, the counselor will discuss with the student and parents if additional academic standards will need to be met in order to be eligible for credit at the end of a given semester.

Semester grades for high school students (grades 9-12) are determined in the following manner:

First Nine-Week Term 40%

Second Nine-Week Term 40%

Semester Final Exam 20%

Each semester carries a weight of 50% of the year's final grade.

Students who leave school before semester exams are only issued withdrawal grades. Credit is not issued when students do not complete the semester.

If a student has outstanding fees or is responsible for damaged items the report card/transcript will be withheld pending payment of the debt or return of the borrowed item.

Academic Probation and Final Academic Probation

When a student has a GPA of 2.3 or below, an F for the term, he/she will be placed on Academic Probation. A committee will analyze a student's improvement during this probationary period and if, no further improvement is made, he/she will be either continued on academic probation or elevated to Final Academic Probation. At this point parents will be brought in for a meeting with the leadership team, and if no improvement is made the student will be placed on Discontinued Contract.

The consequence of being on Academic Probation, Final Academic Probation or Discontinued Contract will be non-participation in extra-curricular activities. The purpose of placing students on these probations is to encourage students to improve their respective efforts and, therefore, come off probation. All decisions about probation are at the discretion of the leadership team.

*Please note that any 11th Grade Full I. B. student who receives and F for the year will not be allowed to remain in the full I.B. program in order to ensure that they are able to graduate. Full I.B students who receive 2 D's in their 11th grade year will have the status in the I.B. diploma reviewed.

High School Tutoring

Tutoring takes place every Sunday and Monday. Our staff is dedicated professionals who ensure they are available at these times. It is expected that our students make the best use of this resource. The principal can direct students on academic or final academic probation to attend these tutorials in specific subjects. As a courtesy and to be effective it is recommended that students notify their teachers as to when they intend to attend tutoring.

Any paid tutoring must have the pre-approval of the Superintendent. No AIS Egypt teacher may tutor his or her own students for payment. Approved tutoring is to take place on the AIS Egypt campus.

Any outside tutoring arrangements need to be organized through the Principal's Office and approved by the Superintendent. Payments for services rendered are to be made through the Business Office and 100% of the instructional fees are to be paid directly to the school. The Business Office will reimburse the teacher. Fees for tutoring are set by the Superintendent.

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