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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the American International School in Egypt – Main Campus. The American International School in Egypt was founded in 1990. We continue to write our history with every new day.

Our habit of instilling brave curiosity and diligent effort has enabled AISE to thrive as Cairo’s largest operating PreK-12 academic institution. This legacy is known far beyond Cairo, helping to affirm AISE as one of the best schools and its students as many of the best in the country, decade after decade. Our coursework, from Pre-Kindergarten through grade twelve, provides meaningful and challenging opportunities for both individual and collective achievement. We empower students with the desire and the means to reach their highest potential. We want students to be able to take a question that’s really compelling in the world or in their lives, and have many tools with which to help them answer it.

OUR VOCATION…The conversation between student and teacher is the heart of our school; all that we do must be born of and nourish that relationship. We are called to challenge the minds, excite the imaginations, and train the bodies of the students who have been entrusted to us; to enlarge their desire for humankind’s common good; and to increase their capacity for mutual and self-respect. We intend to prepare our students to learn confidently for the rest of their lives and to give generously and joyfully to others. We can accomplish these things only if we keep our students safe and well while they are in our care.

OUR OBLIGATION…We must ask our students what they believe in so they can know themselves in the world. We must give our students the tools of rigorous and passionate intellectual inquiry and self-expression so they can grow. In our commitment to diversity, we must show our students how to be colleagues and friends so they can act out of respect and love. We must show our students how to make healthy choices and have respect for their own minds and bodies. We must lead them to distinguish right from wrong and then choose to do what is right so they can be persuasive and courageous citizens.

OUR PROMISE…As a school community with these purposes and responsibilities, we will engage the larger communities of city, nation, and world of which we are a part. We will serve our neighbors. We will live fully in our city, exploring its byways and playing over its terrain. We will learn its history and traditions, and what it can teach us of the arts and sciences. We will embody and celebrate its diversity.

OUR MEANS…Educational Excellence, the terms of our motto, hard work and moral excellence, are meant to strengthen us as we pursue the promise and joy of The American International School in Egypt. We ask AISE families, alumni, and friends to join us in taking on this high calling.


Learning is embraced when it is personalized-when the learner’s interests, preferences, strengths, contributions, and prior knowledge are sufficiently honored. AISE fosters curiosity about the world by creating learning situations that provide something important to think about, time to experiment, and time to make sense of what is observed. Learning is both a personal process of discovery and a social activity. Everyone learns both individually and as part of a group. Every aspect of AISE encourages both children and adults to become increasingly responsible for directing their own personal and collective learning.

Learners require regular, timely, and user-friendly feedback in order to understand goals, to produce quality work, and to meet high standards. Learning is fostered best in communities where student and teacher ideas are respected and where there is mutual trust, with a caring adult looking after the progress and acting as an advocate for each child. Older students mentor younger ones, and students feel physically and emotionally safe. This is the AISE focus on “Raising Student Achievement Every Day, Every Way.” All students need to be successful if they are to build the confidence and capacity to take risks and meet increasingly difficult challenges however, it is also important for students to learn from their failures, to persevere when things are hard, and to learn to turn challenges into opportunities.

Learners are most engaged when the learning community challenges them with interesting and achievable objectives. Learning happens best with emotion, challenge and the essential support to experience success. People discover their abilities, values, passions, and responsibilities in situations that offer adventure and the unexpected. At AISE, students undertake tasks that require perseverance, fitness, craftsmanship, imagination, self-discipline, and significant achievement. A teacher’s primary task is to help students overcome their fears and discover they can do more than they think they can. Individual development and group development are integrated so that the value of friendship, trust, and group action is clear. Students are encouraged to compete, not against each other, but with their own personal best and with rigorous standards of excellence.

Both diversity and inclusion increase the richness of ideas, creative power, problem-solving ability, and respect for others. At AISE, students investigate and value their different histories and talents as well as those of other communities and cultures.

Students and teachers need time alone to explore their own thoughts, make their own connections, and create their own ideas. They also need to exchange their reflections with other students and with adults.

In life and at school we are crew, not passengers. Students and teachers are strengthened by acts of consequential service to others and each other. One of AISE’s primary functions is to prepare students with the attitudes and skills to learn from and be of service. A direct and respectful relationship with the natural world refreshes the human spirit and teaches the important ideas of recurring cycles and cause and effect. Students learn to become stewards of the earth and of future generations.

With a mission “to inspire students to be lifelong learners who contribute positively within a diverse and changing world” the school offers students unparalleled opportunities to undertake problem solving and exploration via hands-on activities. AISE continues the commitment to unite knowledge and good moral values. It seeks students who combine proven academic ability, intellectual curiosity, and tenacity with decency and good character. At AISE, exacting inquiry and thoughtful discourse foster the life of the mind, instruction and activity promote fitness and health, and the daily interactions of faculty and students nurture integrity, empathy, and kindness. Because learning and growth at AISE arise from each individual's engagement with others, the richness of education here requires diversity in all its dimensions; students and faculty value the differences they bring to the community they share.

The challenges that students meet at AISE and the support they receive have a common purpose: to stimulate their development as individuals and as members of society. AISE seeks to graduate young people whose creativity and independence of thought sustain their continuing inquiry and reflection, whose interest in others and the world around them surpasses their self-concern, and whose passion for learning impels them beyond what they already know. At AISE we believe in the foundational importance of scholarship, the value of dialogue, and the need for academically curious young people to belong to a kind, creative, diverse, and joyful community. We challenge our students to engage deeply in learning, appreciate one another, and grow into adults who are intellectually adventurous, ethically sure-footed, and generous of heart and spirit.

We encourage you to become part of our AISE community and partner with us on our journey of educational excellence.

Educationally Yours,

Bill Delbrugge

Senior Educational Officer

Mr. Bill Delbrugge


Senior Educational Officer

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  • American International School in Egypt - Main Campus
  • 5th Settlement, Cairo Festival City - South of the Police Academy, Kattameya, Cairo, Egypt

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With a heritage of excellence spanning 25 years, American International School in Egypt (AIS) - Main Campus serves over 1,500 students. Providing a holistic approach to education that encourages academic achievements, AIS develops students that will thrive in a multicultural society. An Esol Education school, AIS is part of a network of exceptional international schools around the world in locations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Nicosia, and Lebanon.

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