Visual Arts

In Introduction to Visual Arts, students use the elements of art and the principles of design as a framework, and explore a variety of experiences and concepts. Using expressive and technical approaches, students investigate and create various two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art. Students learn to critique artists’ meaning, focusing on their use of forms, media, and symbols. Students develop an increased awareness of the nature of art and of their relationship to it as they explore the meaning and value of works of art as a means of personal and cultural expression.

  • American International School in Egypt - Main Campus
  • 5th Settlement, Cairo Festival City - South of the Police Academy, Kattameya, Cairo, Egypt

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With a heritage of excellence spanning 25 years, American International School in Egypt (AIS) - Main Campus serves over 1,500 students. Providing a holistic approach to education that encourages academic achievements, AIS develops students that will thrive in a multicultural society. An Esol Education school, AIS is part of a network of exceptional international schools around the world in locations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Nicosia, and Lebanon.

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