Athletics is an integral part of the school’s total educational program. At AISE we strive to provide our students with the best in coaching, facilities and equipment. Our athletes, the “AISE Panthers”, foster school spirit and pride through the principles of:
  • Fair Play
  • Excellence in Effort
  • Sportsmanship
  • Teamwork
Self-Discipline & Dedication

Our Athletic Program spans over three seasons: Fall, Winter & Spring. Our sports include soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, crosscountry, track & field and badminton. Go Panthers



Dear AIS Student-Athletes and Parents, The Athletic Handbook has been designed to give the AISE student-athletes and their parents a better understanding of the policies, procedures, responsibilities and expectations involved with participation in our Athletic program. • Athletic Handbook • Student-Athlete Medical History Form • Athletics Registration Form • Student-Athlete Absence Form (OASIS Tournaments) • Academic Probation Form


OASIS / CISSA Tournament Info
AISE is a full member of the OASIS Athletic Conference (OAC) and Cairo International Schools Sport Association (CISSA). OASIS membership allows AISE students to travel to places like Dubai, Beirut, Cyprus, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain and gives them the opportunity to compete against other International Schools. CISSA is the local Sport Association that AISE belongs to. Through CISSA, AISE teams compete against other International Schools from around Cairo.

· OASIS Website
· OASIS Rules & Guidelines
· OASIS Handbook
· Upcoming OASIS Tournaments (Parent & Student Info)

· CISSA Rules & Guidelines
· CISSA Handbook
· Upcoming CISSA Tournaments (Parent & Student Info)


To be inserted underneath “Athletic Teams”: The objective of our Athletic program is to provide students with opportunities to be involved in athletic activities and help them develop a positive, character-building experience, outside of the regular classroom environment. Our teams are divided into: • Middle School (U14) Students must be 11, 12 or 13 years of age before September 1 of the Academic Year. • Junior Varsity Teams (U16) Students must be 14 or 15 years of age before September 1 of the Academic Year. • Varsity Teams (U20) Students must be 16, 17, 18 or 19 years of age before September 1 of the Academic Year.



V. Boys' FootballOctober 10, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45HAYATHAYAFixture
V. Girls' FootballOctober 11, 2017Wednesday3:15-4:45AISEHAYAFixture
JV Girls' VolleyballOctober 13, 2017Friday8:15-3:00AISECISSATournament
JV Boys' VolleyballOctober 13, 2017Friday8:15-3:00ISC-CairoCISSATournament
JV Girls' FootballOctober 15, 2017Sunday3:15-4:45AISEAISEFixture
JV Boys' FootballOctober 15, 2017Sunday3:15-4:45HAYATHAYAFixture
V. Girls' VolleyballOctober 15, 2017Sunday3:15-4:45AISEHAYAFixture
V. Girls' VolleyballOctober 16, 2017Monday3:15-4:45AISEMESFixture
V. Boys' VolleyballOctober 16, 2017Monday3:15-4:45AISEMESFixture
V. Girls' VolleyballOctober 17, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45AISEISCFixture
V. Boys' VolleyballOctober 17, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45AISEISCFixture
JV Boys' FootballOctober 17, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45AISEMESFixture
JV Girls' FootballOctober 17, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45MESMESFixture
V. Girls' VolleyballOctober 20, 2017Friday8:15-3:00ISCCISSATournament
V. Boys' VolleyballOctober 20, 2017Friday8:15-3:00AISECISSATournament
SwimmingOctober 20, 2017Friday8:15-3:00MalvernCairo SchoolsMeet
V. Girls' FootballOctober 21, 2017Saturday8:15-3:00CACCISSATournament
V. Boys' FootballOctober 21, 2017Saturday8:15-3:00ISCCISSATournament
JV Girls' FootballOctober 22, 2017Sunday3:15-4:45AISECESFixture
JV Boys' FootballOctober 22, 2017Sunday3:15-4:45CESCESFixture
JV Girls' VolleyballOctober 24, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45AISECESFixture
JV Boys' VolleyballOctober 24, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45AISECESFixture
SwimmingOctober 25, 2017Wednesday3:15-4:45CESCESU-11 & U-13
JV Girls' FootballOctober 28, 2017Saturday8:15-3:00ISCCairo SchoolsTournament
JV Boys' FootballOctober 28, 2017Saturday8:15-3:00ISCCairo SchoolsTournament
JV Girls' VolleyballOctober 30, 2017Monday3:15-4:45AISECESFixture
JV Boys' VolleyballOctober 30, 2017Monday3:15-4:45AISECESFixture
V. Girls' VolleyballOctober 30, 2017Monday3:15-4:45AISECESFixture (?)
V. Boys' VolleyballOctober 30, 2017Monday3:15-4:45AISECESFixture (?)
JV Girls' FootballNovember 1, 2017Wednesday3:15-4:45AISECISEFixture
JV Girls' VolleyballNovember 3, 2017Friday8:15-3:00CACCISSATournament
JV Boys' VolleyballNovember 3, 2017Friday8:15-3:00AISECISSATournament
V. Girls' VolleyballNovember 3, 2017Friday8:15-3:00CACCISSATournament
V. Boys' VolleyballNovember 3, 2017Friday8:15-3:00AISECISSATournament
SwimmingNovember 4, 2017Saturday8:15-3:00CESCairo SchoolsMeet
JV Boys' FootballNovember 7, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45AISECISEFixture
JV Girls' VolleyballNovember 8, 2017Wednesday8:15-3:00AISA-Abu DhabiOASISTournament
JV Boys' VolleyballNovember 8, 2017Wednesday8:15-3:00AISA-Abu DhabiOASISTournament
V. Girls' VolleyballNovember 8, 2017Wednesday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
V. Boys' VolleyballNovember 8, 2017Wednesday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
JV Girls' VolleyballNovember 9, 2017Thursday8:15-3:00AISA-Abu DhabiOASISTournament
JV Boys' VolleyballNovember 9, 2017Thursday8:15-3:00AISA-Abu DhabiOASISTournament
V. Girls' VolleyballNovember 9, 2017Thursday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
V. Boys' VolleyballNovember 9, 2017Thursday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
V. Girls' VolleyballNovember 10, 2017Friday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
V. Boys' VolleyballNovember 10, 2017Friday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
JV Girls' VolleyballNovember 10, 2017Friday8:15-3:00AISA-Abu DhabiOASISTournament
JV Boys' VolleyballNovember 10, 2017Friday8:15-3:00AISA-Abu DhabiOASISTournament
V. Girls' VolleyballNovember 10, 2017Friday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
V. Boys' VolleyballNovember 10, 2017Friday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
JV Girls' VolleyballNovember 11, 2017Saturday8:15-3:00AISA-Abu DhabiOASISTournament
JV Boys' VolleyballNovember 11, 2017Saturday8:15-3:00AISA-Abu DhabiOASISTournament
V. Girls' VolleyballNovember 11, 2017Saturday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
V. Boys' VolleyballNovember 11, 2017Saturday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
JV Girls' VolleyballNovember 12, 2017Sunday8:15-3:00AISA-Abu DhabiOASISTournament
JV Boys' VolleyballNovember 12, 2017Sunday8:15-3:00AISA-Abu DhabiOASISTournament
V. Girls' VolleyballNovember 12, 2017Sunday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
V. Boys' VolleyballNovember 12, 2017Sunday8:15-3:00BS-BahrainOASISTournament
V. Boys' FootballNovember 13, 2017Monday3:15-4:45AISECISEFixture
JV Girls' BasketballNovember 14, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45AISEHAYATFixture
JV Boys' BasketballNovember 14, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45AISEHAYATFixture
SwimmingNovember 17, 2017Friday8:15-3:00NCBISCairo SchoolsMeet
V. Girls' FootballNovember 19, 2017Sunday3:15-4:45AISECISEFixture
V. Boys' BasketballNovember 19, 2017Sunday3:15-4:45AISEHAYATFixture
V. Girls' BasketballNovember 20, 2017Monday3:15-4:45AISEHAYATFixture
JV Girls' FootballNovember 21, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45CESCESFixture
JV Boys' FootballNovember 21, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45AISECESFixture
JV Girls' FootballNovember 26, 2017Sunday3:15-4:45AISECISEFixture
JV Boys' FootballNovember 27, 2017Monday3:15-4:45AISECISEFixture
V. Girls' FootballDecember 4, 2017Monday3:15-4:45AISECISEFixture
MS Girls' BasketballDecember 5, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45AISEHAYATFixture
MS Boys' BasketballDecember 5, 2017Tuesday3:15-4:45AISEHAYATFixture
JV Girls' FootballJanuary 19, 2018Friday8:15-3:00AISECISSATournament
JV Boys' FootballJanuary 19, 2018Friday8:15-3:00HAYATCISSATournament
V. Girls' FootballJanuary 31, 2018Wednesday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
V. Boys' FootballJanuary 31, 2018Wednesday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
JV Girls' FootballJanuary 31, 2018Wednesday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
JV Boys' FootballJanuary 31, 2018Wednesday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
V. Girls' FootballFebruary 1, 2018Thursday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
V. Boys' FootballFebruary 1, 2018Thursday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
JV Girls' FootballFebruary 1, 2018Thursday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
JV Boys' FootballFebruary 1, 2018Thursday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
V. Girls' FootballFebruary 2, 2018Friday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
V. Boys' FootballFebruary 2, 2018Friday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
JV Girls' FootballFebruary 2, 2018Friday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
JV Boys' FootballFebruary 2, 2018Friday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
V. Girls' FootballFebruary 3, 2018Saturday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
V. Boys' FootballFebruary 3, 2018Saturday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
JV Girls' FootballFebruary 3, 2018Saturday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
JV Boys' FootballFebruary 3, 2018Saturday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
V. Girls' FootballFebruary 4, 2018Sunday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
V. Boys' FootballFebruary 4, 2018Sunday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
JV Girls' FootballFebruary 4, 2018Sunday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
JV Boys' FootballFebruary 4, 2018Sunday8:15-3:00CyprusOASISTournament
  • American International School in Egypt - Main Campus
  • 5th Settlement, Cairo Festival City - South of the Police Academy, Kattameya, Cairo, Egypt

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With a heritage of excellence spanning 25 years, American International School in Egypt (AIS) - Main Campus serves over 1,500 students. Providing a holistic approach to education that encourages academic achievements, AIS develops students that will thrive in a multicultural society. An Esol Education school, AIS is part of a network of exceptional international schools around the world in locations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Nicosia, and Lebanon.

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